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Relocation is both an exciting and stressful task. Moving in and out requires a lot of preparation with considerable planning – there are plenty of things that can go wrong. That is why it is best to use the services of a reputable commercial mover.

ABS Movers Fairfax is a proven local mover!

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Thanks to ABS Movers Fairfax, I has the chance to move so quickly! Thanks guys for your fast respond to my request. I will recommend you to all my friends!

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ABS Movers Fairfax is a professional long distance mover serving the community of Fairfax, VA. We’ve been providing reliable moving services for our clients since 1990. When it comes to local movers in the area, we’re considered the leading company. Our professionalism and skills have paid off, making us the preferable mover around these parts. Over the years we’ve served countless customers, and we always manage to exceed their expectations by providing them with a high quality service.

Home or office mover?

We, at  ABS Movers Fairfax, can do both!

Trusted Local Movers in Fairfax, VA A reputable commercial mover doesn’t simply ”move things from point A to point B”. We’re ready to plan the whole relocation process with you! We’ll visit you to evaluate the situation and discuss the logistics of your relocation. It doesn’t matter if you need a home or office mover – we can take care of all tasks with efficiency and expertise. Our estimates are completely transparent and don’t include any hidden fees or taxes. We’re where we are today because our highest priority is customer satisfaction – there will be nothing dishonest in our partnership. Many local movers try to scam their clients with fake estimates and additional charges – that won’t happen if you choose us as your mover. Trust in our professionalism as many others do every day, and you won’t be disappointed.

Long Distance Movers in Fairfax, VAMany people think that movers are just tough guys who can lift heavy stuff and move it around. There is a lot more to being a mover than that. Our employees are skilled and trained professionals with many years of experience in the moving business. It isn’t simply about lifting things – its about doing it right. Our boys know how to do their job without causing any damage or injuring someone. Moving a huge sofa down a flight of stairs requires expertise and skill – and that is what we’re here to deliver. Our workers can make the most of the space in the moving truck while seeing to it that all items are safe and secure. We’ve trained them how to react to certain unfortunate situations – your possessions are guaranteed to reach their destination when you need them to!

We’re proud of the high quality of services we provide, and we strive to maintain their excellence. ABS Movers Fairfax believes that everyone should be able to afford a professional home or office mover. We stand by this statement by offering highly competitive prices for our moving services. In fact, we offer the best prices around. By choosing us as your moving company, you’re guaranteed to receive an outstanding service at a low price.

When you need a reputable long distance mover serving Fairfax, VA, don’t hesitate to contact us. ABS Movers Fairfax is the leading contractor in the area, with many years of experience and impeccable skills. Contact us now at (703) 672-3330!